Wedding Readings

Readings are optional, but they do add a lovely touch to any wedding ceremony.

You and your partner may choose any wedding readings(s) you wish including poems, song lyrics, passages from favourite books, or movie quotes.

Upon booking your wedding ceremony service with Lifetime Ceremonies, you will be provided with many wedding readings to choose from, or you can provide your own. Here is an example of a sweet wedding reading:

A Good Wedding Cake

• 4 lbs. of love
• 1 lb. butter of youth
• ½ lb. of good looks
• l lb. sweet temper
• 1 lb. of blindness for faults
• 1 oz. modesty
• 3 lbs. of good humour
• 1 tablespoon of considerate arguments
• 2 lbs. of witty conversation
• 3 lbs. of rippling laughter
• 1 wine glass of rationality
• 4 tablespoons of romantic gestures
• 1 lb grated chocolate

1. Put the love, good looks and sweet temper into a well furnished house.
2. Beat the butter of youth to a cream, and mix well together with the blindness of faults.
3. Combine the good humour, rationality and modesty with the considerate arguments.
4. Add in the witty conversation and rippling laughter.
5. Mix in the romantic gestures
6. Work the whole mixture together until everything is well blended.
7. Sprinkle generously with chocolate.
8. Bake gently forever…

Katherine Dimou, B.A., Dip.B.Admin., W.P.I.C.C.
Licensed Marriage Officiant & Wedding Day Coordinator


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