Child Welcoming Ceremony

This ceremony is a celebration that welcomes your child into your family. A Child Welcoming Ceremony gives family members and friends the opportunity to make promises to your child such as providing love, support, and guidance throughout the child's life.

This is also a time when many parents name their child.

Adult friends and/or relatives, chosen by you, play the role of "Guardian Parents" (known as "godparents" in religious ceremonies) who will make lifelong pledges to your child.

Child Welcoming ceremonies are not just for babies. Children of any age may have a ceremony, including children who are adopted.

As every child is unique, Child Welcoming Ceremonies are created with your family’s heritage and cultural traditions in mind. The inclusion of songs, poems, foods, and the giving of token gifts, are all encouraged.

The only criteria for this ceremony is the presentation of the birth certificate of your child at the time of booking.

Child Welcoming Ceremonies may be held in your home, the home of a relative or friend, at a reception hall, or any another venue of your choice.



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