Humanism is a dynamic way of life that affirms our ability and responsibility to lead ethical and meaningful lives, aspiring to the greater good of humanity. Humanists are guided by reason and scientific inquiry, inspired by music, art, and the beauty of the natural world, and motivated by ethics, compassion and fairness.

The earliest record of humanist philosophy originated in ancient Greece. This philosophy turned to human beings rather than gods to solve human problems. Humanists assert that human beings can set higher standards of personal integrity and social responsibility by guiding their lives by rational, ethical, fair and compassionate means, rather than invoking imaginary or mystical sanctions.

Humanists support secular and scientific approaches to addressing the wide range of issues important to us all. This is why humanists advocate for keeping government and religion separate. Secular laws are the fairest and most realistic way that people of all faiths and philosophies can be considered as truly equal under the law.


Katherine Dimou, B.A., Dip.B.Admin., W.P.I.C.C.
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